Shawn Michaels Talks About His New Hunting Show & His WWE Career

WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels recently spoke with about a hunting trip in Canada he participated in.

HBK will be starring in his own hunting show, ‘Shawn Michaels’ MacMillan River Adventures,’ which premieres this summer (6/28) the Outdoor Channel.

Here are the highlights of what Shawn said about:

His Hall Of Fame Career & Life After Wrestling:

“I’ve accomplished far more than I ever possibly could have imagined. It was a phenomenal run and I enjoyed every second of it. As I say, I enjoy going back and visiting everybody. I’ll always be a part of that company and I’m thankful that those are just a few of many, many memories that I have because I’ve got a bunch.”

“When you do that for as long as you do it, you’re not sure you can be normal and have normal friends and have other friends outside of it. So I’ve enjoyed seeing that that’s possible. Knowing that I can meet people that weren’t in my line of work and have the same amount of trust and friendship with them that I have with the other guys.”

His New Hunting Show on the Outdoor Channel:

“I’m not doing a reality show, it’s not really even a hunting show, it’s more of an outdoor lifestyle show. We’re just two guys who have families who live an outdoor lifestyle so some of that will be captured on film.”

* Pictures of Shawn Michaels Hunting: See What He Killed (Huge Bear)

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