Shawn Michaels Superkicks Everyone, Drew McIntyre Takes Over ‘Canvas 2 Canvas’ (Videos)

Shawn Michaels Superkicks Everyone to Prove He is Controversial

WWE’s YouTube channel has posted a video (that is quite hilarious I might add) that features Shawn Michaels going on a rampage of superkicks after Triple H tells him that Eric Bischoff doesn’t think they know the meaning of the word “controversy”. Michaels, was recently announced to be the special guest referee for heavily anticipated NXT Championship match between NXT Champion Drew McIntyre and Undisputed Era leader Adam Cole.

The video (seen below) shows good old HBK kicking WWE staff members in what can only be described as a “perfect ten”.


Drew McIntyre on WWE Canvas 2 Canvas

WWE’s YouTube channel has also posted a very cool video highlighting artist Rob Schamberger who is seen painting an impressive picture of Drew McIntyre. Throughout the video, Rob narrates mentioning the path that the current NXT Champion had to take, from being “The Chosen One” up until now, rising to the top of the NXT ranks and essentially reinventing himself. The video is worth a watch, and we get to see a bit of reaction from Drew at the end(including a funny Aleister Black shoutout).

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