Shawn Michaels Praises NXT Stars, Talks WWE vs. NXT Crowds, WWE P.C.

WWE Hall Of Famer Shawn Michaels is currently on the road with the NXT crew. While on the road, “The Heartbreak Kid” sat down with Kayla Braxton for a live video Q&A session on WWE’s official Facebook page.

On how NXT crowds are different compared to WWE crowds: “One is very different than the other; it’s a little bit more of a rebellious, rowdy, and very sort of protective group, as well. I think they understand that all of the NXT Stars that they’re seeing are eventually going to the main roster, but right now, they’re theirs to enjoy. I think they [the crowd] also understand they are going to be a big part of what takes these NXT Stars to the next level.”

On some of the standout performers on the current NXT roster: “From the guys that are a little bit more experienced: Johnny Gargano, Roderick Strong, I very much enjoy them to guys like Patrick Clark – Velveteen Dream – I certainly see a lot there. But then you go a little further down with less experienced, Cezar Bononi and Adrian Jaoude, so I think there’s real potential there. My goodness, with the girls of course you’ve got Ember [Moon] and Asuka [who] are phenomenal. Nikki Cross, but then, again, there are some sleepers out there, Sage [Beckett] and Abbey Laith, I think there’s so much depth here.”

On the reason why the WWE Performance Center is a great place to work: “Matt Bloom [Head Trainer] and Sara Amato [Trainer/Producer] are the ones – honestly, in my opinion – who deserve all of the credit. They are the ones that set the vibe, set the mood, set the culture for that place each and every day and it is absolutely, easily, the best environment I have ever been in, in my entire life. It is phenomenal, it really is, and that isn’t blowing smoke or kissing anybody’s backside because those two make it that way.”

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