Several Stars Pull Out Of Wrestling Convention Including Kurt Angle & Outsiders

sources:, Wrestling Observer,

— The following was just posted on the official website of Kevin Nash ( regarding an appearance at this weekend’s WrestleFanFest wrestling convention in San Francisco:

The Outsiders will NOT be appearing at Wrestlefanfest
Nash and Hall did not recieve the funds for this appearance as per the contracted agreement, therefore they will not be making this appearance.
October 19th
San Francisco Cow Palace
San Francisco, California

Hall & Nash were originally scheduled to wrestle Sid Vicious & a mystery partner in the main event of the pay-per-view they’re taping. They did not receive their deposit ahead of time as promised, and that’s why they’re pulling out.

— Kurt Angle is also pulling out of the convention, however, it has nothing to do with a business dispute. Angle recently came down with a stomach virus, and that’s why he’s not appearing at the convention. TNA’s Bill Behrens issued the following statement earlier today:

Kurt Angle will not be able to attend the WrestleFanFest in San Francisco at the Cow Palace on Saturday 10/20 as promoted due to a stomach virus.

Promoter, Chris Salsbury, paid the full fee and bought Kurt’s flights in advance and is in no way responsible.

Kurt Angle regrets having to miss this promoted appearance and apologizes to the promoter and to the fans.

— At one point, Sid Vicious pulled out of the convention, but apparently he’s back on.

— Vampiro and Rey Misterio Sr. are both out for sure. Marty Jannetty, Ken Shamrock & a few others are also on the no-show list due to not receiving transportation money up front. The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express also pulled out due to problems with convention promoters. Dennis Condrey is also out. He flipped out, saying he wasn’t going to be there and was upset that they were still advertising him. Others have heard absolutely nothing about the deal in months and so there’s a lot of confusion going on.

— Mia St. John was scheduled to fight at Saturday’s MMA show, but she is off the show. The commission wouldn’t allow her to fight because they felt she didn’t have enough ground training. Randy Couture is also off the show after being originally scheduled. Couture is billed as being there but he’s in South Africa for Scorpion King so that may not be happening. Supposedly he flies back Friday, but they’ve also stopped advertising him. Jeff Monson, Nick Diaz, Mia St. John, Javier Vazquez, and Leland Chapman are also off the MMA show.

— “Rowdy” Roddy Piper is scheduled to be at the convention for all three days and Steve Austin & Bill Goldberg are scheduled to be there on Saturday.

— Matches involving TNA talent are still taking place (providing that they don’t pull out of the show), but they’re not being taped for the pay-per-view. TNA talent are prohibitied from appearing on a competitor’s pay-per-view broadcast or DVD release.

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