Sean 'Dragon' Allen reveals the secrets behind his FIFA 19 Ultimate Team squad

The former FIFA interactive World Cup finalist, who recently signed for No Fuchs Given, talks us through his latest FUT squad

Former FIFA Interactive World Cup finalist Sean ‘Dragon’ Allen recently signed for No Fuchs Given, the esports team of Leicester City defender Christian Fuchs, before he competed at the FUT Champions Cup in Bucharest, Romania.

While at the tournament, all competitors were given every card in the game to choose from, but most aren’t lucky enough to use those cards back at home.

The new NFG signee plays a 4-3-3 with a fearsome front three of inform Neymar, Ultimate Scream Mario Balotelli and George Best. Behind them are Ultimate Scream Marco Verratti, Kevin De Bruyne and Dennis Bergkamp.

Finally, holding things down at back will be inform Andrew Robertson, inform Virgil Van Dijk, Champions League David Sanchez, Champions League Kyler Walker and Champions League David De Gea.

Goal caught up with Dragon to break down the squad he has been using online…

What one FIFA 19 player do you want to add next? 

I am saving my coins at the moment to buy Prime Icon Lothar Matthaus to add to my midfield three!

Who is your most expensive player and are they worth the price tag?      

Dennis Bergkamp and I think so yes. I use him as a CM and he has everything you need! With 84 pace, 90 dribbling, 91 shooting and 86 passing he’s perfect.

Who is the MVP of your squad and were there any players that surprisingly exceeded your expectations?       

My MVP has got to be Neymar, he feels so agile and fun to use. My surprise package was Ultimate Scream Balotelli, his 84 shooting surprised me a lot actually!

On the flip side, which player have you been most disappointed with and why?   

David De Gea, mainly because goalkeepers are very unreliable in this FIFA.

Is there one player you’ve built your squad around or a general area of focus?     

Not really, I just fancied a change and decided to use some players I’ve never used before.

What was your reason behind your formation? Have you found that’s the best in the game or just suits your personal style? Also, what tactics do you employ?      

I’m changing a lot between formations right now, trying to figure out what counters what so I’m ready for tournaments.

Are there any players who you think are deserving of an upgrade to match their real-life attributes and why?

Jesse Lingard, his stats on FIFA don’t do him justice of what he does in real-life. He definitely deserves more than 78 shooting and 76 passing.

With no player limits, what was the squad you used at the FUT Champions Cup? Were there any particular surprising choices from yourself compared to other players? Were there any players you used at home that you just had to include in your squad? And who was your best player at the tournament?     

I used: POTM Eden Hazard, Prime R9, Blue Gareth Bale, Prime Pele, Prime Ruud Gullit, Prime Patrick Vieira, Red Alex Sandro, Prime Paolo Maldini, Prime Laurent Blanc, SBC Juanfran and Blue Manuel Neuer.

I think Hazard, Juanfran and Bale were very unpopular choices but they were also the three I have used a lot at home, so I had to use them again! Best player was definitely Prime R9.

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