Scott Steiner Coming Home, TNA's Tiny Ring, Ricky Banderas

source: Pro Wrestling Torch

TNA sent a text to Mobile subscribers last night that Scott Steiner will be arriviing home from Puerto Rico sometime today. He had been hospitalized in Puerto Rico for three weeks, or about as long as Paris Hilton has been in jail thus far. Steiner won’t be able to comeback until at least the fall.

TNA sent out another text to Mobile subscribers that Ricky Banderas was at the Impact taping last week. Related to the story, he was filming vignettes during the taping on Tuesday. Furthermore, Konnan’s quitting of the company last week may have an affect on Banderas being used in TNA. He was the liason between TNA and Banderas, who lives in Mexico and works for the AAA promotion – the same promotion as Konnan.

At the 6/15 TNA house show in Sheffield, Alabama, TNA wrestlers wrestled in an unusually small 6-sided ring. Click here to see a picture of this really small ring.

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