Scandal in Sofia, referees and fans ruined the show

During the match between Bulgaria and Poland some really unpleasant things were happening. “It got really dangerous” – Anastasi said.


First of all, match referee was a real disaster. There were bunch of mistakes made by the side arbiters, which took some points from Poland. Mistakes of a judgment was evident and Poles got nervous. Later, also Bulgaria was treated wrongfully a few times. The main arbiter, Frans Loderus  also wouldn’t correct any error. This galloping incompetence of referees made a Bulgarian fans furious. Especially, when some points were taken from Bulgaria in the third set, which was the last chance for staying in this game. The last 10 minutes of that match were filled with a noise of anger. After the last action, fans started to throw lighters and bottles on the court. Polish players had to leave quickly and then they even had to wait for the police escort to bring them back safely to the bus.

“I’ve never seen anything like this in my entire life. It got really dangerous.” – said Andrea Anastasi. “This is a scandal” – added Zbigniew Bartman.

Let’s just hope that there will be consequences from FIVB, both for arbiters and fans and this kind of situation will never happen again.

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