Sauber drivers agree crash cannot be repeated

Sauber has discussed the Monaco Grand Prix collision with Marcus Ericsson and Felipe Nasr, with the drivers accepting there must be no repeat.

Nasr was asked by Sauber to move over for his team-mate during the Monaco Grand Prix, but declined to do so over a number of laps. Ericsson was aware Nasr had been asked to yield but eventually attempted to pass at Rascasse, leading to a collision which eventually saw both cars retire.

“We have analysed what happened; we have discussed it with Marcus and Felipe, and we all agree that this must never happen again,” the team said in a message to fans on its website. “Everyone at the factory in Hinwil, as well as the drivers, now focus on the next race in Montreal. We’re all looking forward to racing soon again, as a team.”

With Sauber reiterating that the collision was “unacceptable”, the team also explained the rationale behind the call for the drivers to switch positions.

“Many of you argue that team orders aren’t good for the sport and that we should just let our drivers race freely. We agree, but while this is true most of the time and it is what we do as much as possible, it is imperative to always look at the bigger picture and ask: ‘What is better for the team?’

“Some of you have said that you don’t understand why we even bothered to give a team order running in positions 15 and 16. Well, with every position gained, we are that much closer to points. And even without scoring any points, any higher position in a race can potentially mean keeping the position in the Constructors’ Championship (or, vice versa, a drop in positions).

“We are all racers. But the team’s overall interest will always be more important than that of any individual.”

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