Santino Marella Calls TNA Personality "A Loser," Candice Blogs, Ashley Massaro

The Baltimore Sun has an interview with Santino Marella today. He calls Jim Cornette “a loser” and “an insecure person.” Marella said: “Jim Cornette is a loser. Jim Cornette is an insecure person. And controversy creates cash, so maybe one day, Jim Cornette, I’m going to wrap that cheap tennis racquet around you neck. I’d like to have a cage match with Jim Cornette. I’ll put that out on the Worldwide Web right now. Jim Cornette is a misunderstanding person. Look, I’m watching wrestling in the audience – make it very clear – just in the audience. My daughter is sitting in front of me. Boogeyman turns to us, [and] I think, “OK, he’s going to do me a favor because maybe he knows I’m a student in this OVW school, so he’s going to scare my daughter for me, and treat my daughter to an experience.” So I’m happy. If your daughter is going to get an experience like this, you’re going to be happy as a father, right?” Marella also says that Randy Orton is his friend. “Currently, I am actually not booked for that show. But I will be watching that show very carefully because there are some matches that are of particular interest to me, namely Randy Orton and Triple H. It’s no mistake that Randy Orton is my friend. So the more power he has, the better for Santino Marella.” Marella also talks about his MMA background, “Rowdy” Roddy Piper, his comedic timing, working with Maria, and more. You can read the interview at this link.

— Candice Michelle has posted a blog talking about her recent appearance at the Go Daddy Tech Fest. You can read it at this link.

— The WWE site has an article on WWE Diva Ashley Massaro appearing in the music video for Rev Theory’s Hell Yeah song, which is also the official song of One Night Stand. Rev Theory explained why Ashley is in their new music video. “She’s a cool chick. She’s a rock chick. She’s a fan of the music and we just thought it was a very good fit.” You can read the article at this link, which also includes some photos from the set of the music video.

News on Triple H going to SmackDown; wrestlers fed up with him (>>)

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