Roman Reigns on Moving to WWE SmackDown Live: “I’m Here to Make This Place Better”

WWE’s Superstar Shake-Up has brought Roman Reigns to the SmackDown Live Roster. The Big Dog appeared on the April 16 edition of the program where he made his presence felt in the last segment with Vince McMahon and Elias. Now Reigns is speaking on his move from Monday Night Raw to the blue brand.

“I’m here to make this place better, I’m here to draw more attention, I’m here to use my platform, my character, me, Joe, as a person, with everything going on with me, it’s all gonna be good stuff. I always welcome the responsibility and the challenge to be able to help something progress and get better.”

Reigns made his Tuesday night debut by interrupting Elias, who had just been announced by McMahon as being not only the future of SmackDown Live, but also the future of WWE.

While many fans already believed that Roman would indeed make the jump, nothing was confirmed until his music hit and he made his way down the ramp. But perhaps the most intriguing part of his debut is the fact that he delivered the Superman punch to Vince for seemingly no good reason.

This may have been merely to just get the crowd on his side and if so, it definitely worked. But it could be that this spot will be the spark that lights a new fire between Roman Reigns and the corporate authority of The McMahon Family.

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