ROH War of the Worlds Results – Toronto, Ontario (5/11): Jay White Defends, Cody Rhodes vs Jushin Thunder Liger

ROH War of the Worlds Results
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
May 11, 2018

(1) Jay White (c) def. Punishment Martinez to retain the IWGP United States Championship. They had a really physical back and forth match, and I mean they beat the absolute tar out of each other. Marrtinez hit a Psycho Driver, a chokeslam and a Curb Stomp but the champ kept kicking out. He went out and roughed up someone at ringside, grabbed a steel chair, but Hangman Page ran out and took it from him. The distraction was enough for White to drop Punishment with the Blade Runner.

– Bully Ray came out and cut his music off short, then yelled at the fans throwing streamers, which of course just made them throw more streamers. He calls the fans snowflake “marks” and called all the wrestlers in the locker room “young boys” that don’t have the balls to shut him up. There was a jab at D-Von in there too somewhere. Out came Cheeseburger, still selling the effects of getting his ass beat at the last show.

(2) Cheeseburger def. Bully Ray via DQ. Burger got a bit of momentum going but was ultimately destroyed by a powerbomb from the second rope. Bully brought his chain in the ring and beat him up with it. He continued the assault after the match until the fans actually got behind what he was doing, so he stopped to soak in the boos. 

(3) Tetsuya Naito def. Beer City Bruiser. Naito took his sweet time being tranquilo, which is what the crowd wanted. Bruiser got in a surprising amount of offense and controlled a lot of it, looking like a much bigger star being able to hang with someone on the IWGP Intercontinental Champion’s level. In the end Bruiser missed the corner splash that literally every big man misses, and Naito hit the Destino to win.

(4) The Young Bucks def. The Super Smash Brothers. The crowd was SUPER into all of this, going crazy for both teams and all the insane spots you’d expect. Young Bucks threw a superkick party, but the Smash Bros. are no stranger to that world and threw one of their own as well. After a million moves from both teams, and the Smash Bros. working over Matt Jackson (that seems to be their M.O. as of late to prove they can “sell” or something, but anyone who didn’t already know that is an idiot) the Bucks got the win with a Meltzer Driver.

– The Briscoes hit the ring and laid out both teams after a great match. Jay got on the mic and told all the Bullet Club fans to burn in hell, and told the Bucks to go back to selling t-shirts because they can’t hang in the ring with Dem Boys.

– Flip Gordon had an issue with his flight and was literally in the air as they made an announcement about it. They said they were hopeful he would make the main event 10-man tag match, but it wasn’t likely.

(5) Tenille Dashwood & Jenny Rose def. Alexia Nicole & Sandra Bell. WOH Champion Sumie Sakai was on commentary but didn’t say a whole lot. I really like Tenille (the former Emma) in this match, but that was about it. They did a spot where Nicole accidentally took out her own partner, and Tenille took advantage with the old Turantula spot in the ropes. She ran wild with corner splashes and clotheslines on both opponents, but Rose tagged herself in and hit a chokeslam to win.

(6) SoCal Uncensored def. Roppongi 3K & Rocky Romero. Another really great match with a lot of high spots, but more importantly some excellent chemistry from everyone involved. They changed it up a little so it wasn’t just another crazy spot match right after the Young Bucks did their thing, which was smart.

(7) Silas Young (c) def. Hangman Page to retain the ROH World TV Championship. Yet another solid match, but what else would you expect from these two? Hangman is on a whole different level than he used to be just a year or two ago. He was always good in the ring, but now you can tell he’s got that “star” quality about him.

(8) Cody Rhodes def. Jushin Thunder Liger. Lots of character work from Cody, who got a great reaction of both cheers and boos. People love him, even when he’s a total dick; whatcha gonna do? There was a ref bump and Cody threw a bunch of chairs into the ring. The ref eventually recovered and tried to dispose of the chairs, and Liger took the advantage to whip one of them straight into Rhodes’ face. Liger went nuts with punches in the corner, pissed off to no end. The ref pulled him back and the two had words about it, which allowed Cody to sneak up and hit the Cross Rhodes. Fun match.

(9) Hiromu Takahashi, Evil & Sanada (w/ Bushi) def. Kenny King, Jay Lethal & Colt Cabana. This was kind of thrown together because Dalton Castle was too injured to wrestle and Flip missed the show. That being said it was a great match and the crowd was super into it, even at the end of the night and not getting the advertised main event. Everyone kind of understood it wasn’t ROH’s fault. There were some hilarious sequences between Hiromu and Cabana. In the end Bushi misted Colt and Evil pinned him with the STO.

– The show ended with Naito coming back to the ring and celebrating with Los Ingobernables de Japon and the fans.

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