Ring of Honor June 27 TV results and recap: AJ Styles vs Adam Cole

By Paul Fontaine, WrestlingObserver.com

The Big Takeaway – Another great one hour TV show, featuring a PPV main event quality match in Adam Cole vs AJ Styles and two other really good matches between ROH and New Japan stars.

This show is coming from Philadelphia and the 2300 Arena and was taped at the War of the Worlds show in May.

ROH World Tag Team Champions The Addiction (“Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels/Kazarian) vs “The Rainmaker” Kazuchika Okada/Gedo

Daniels insists that his team be introduced as the World Tag Teams Champions of the World, harkening back to their days in TNA. The crowd erupts at the opening strains of Okada’s entrance music and chants O-KADA during his team’s walkout. The Rainmaker pose gets an even bigger response and more chants.

Someone else is at commentary with Corino and Kelly but he’s not identified. Red Shoes is in as the ref. The third guy is identified as “our pal Matt Ryan from ROHWrestling.com”. Commentary is at least partially dubbed in as they’re talking about last weekend’s PPV results sporadically.

Duelling FALLEN ANGEL/OKADA chants as the two square off. It’s really distracting that many times Kelly and Corino are right on camera and there is audio of them speaking but they’re not, which gives off that some of the commentary was recorded after the fact.

Gedo and Kazarian tag in and the Addiction get the advantage with some double-team tactics. Kazarian flips off Okada, drawing the ire of the crowd. Daniels teases a BME but instead drops an elbow on Gedo and then puts a foot on him for a two. Corino claims he tried to buy a pizza with the money that dropped from the ceiling during Okada’s entrance in a funny line.

After a commercial break, the champs are still in control over Gedo. Kazarian gets an armbar but Okada runs in to break it up, allowing the Addiction to make a tag behind the ref’s back and do some more double-teaming. Daniels shoves the ref and he looks like he wants to square off with him as the fans chant RED SHOES.

Kelly plugs the Code Line. You apparently need to call the hotline to find out if Michael Elgin or Cheeseburger is Jushin Liger’s favorite wrestlier, even though it’s all they talked about on TV a couple weeks when Liger was on the show.

Okada gets the “Hot-Sui” tag (as per Corino) and runs wild on the champs. Okada knocks Daniels off the ropes with a dropkick and gets a modified shoulder-breaker on Kaz for a two. Daniels kicks the back of Okada’s knee, setting up a flying legdrop from Kazarian that gets a two. Okada and Kaz collide in a mid-air collision and Okada rolls to his corner to tag in Gedo.

Gedo is a house of fire on the champs and gets a two count off a superkick on Daniels. Daniels with a Urinage but misses a moonsault. Okada runs in but Daniels pushes him and the champs hit the Celebrity Addiction on Gedo for the win.


Okada attacks the champs while they’re celebrating and takes them both out with dropkicks and then hits the Rainmaker on Daniels to a huge pop from the crowd and OKADA chants. That wasn’t very sportsmanlike.

Adam Page w/Colby Corino vs Watanabe

We’re joined in progress for this one with the crowd chanting WATA-NABE and the New Japan star in control. Steve Corino at ringside talking about his son and how he’s wanted to get into the sport since he was a small child. He says the “bad guy” in him understands what his son is doing, but to the father in him, it’s heartbreaking.

Watanabe hits a couple suplexes on Page, drawing a SUPLEX CITY chant. Amazing how an offhanded comment by Brock at Mania has spiralled. Colby trips up Watanabe and he ends up getting suplexed on his head for the troubles. The distraction allows Page to get control as we go to break.

After the break, they’re back in the ring with Page still in control. Page takes some time away from beating on Watanabe to mock the fans with his Decade hand sign and jawing at some ringside fans. Page misses a charge into the corner, allowing Watanabe to get the advantage back. A neckbreaker from Watanabe gets a 2 count.

Watanabe backdrops Page out of the ring over the top rope and then comes out after him. He tries for a suplex on the outside but Page lands on his feet. Colby Corino then pulls Watanabe hard into the ring post and while he’s staggering, Page hits a Shooting Star Press from the apron. Page then gets a two off a DDT.

Fans again chanting WAT-A-NABE. They struggle in the center of the ring, as Page tries to hit his “Rite of Passage” finisher. Watanabe gets control and sits Page on the top rope and his a flip-over superplex and covers for a two. Watanabe misses a lariat but gets a two count off an O’Connor roll. As Watanabe runs the ropes, Colby Corino hits him with a crescent kick from the outside. Page hits the Rite of Passage for the pin.

WINNER: ADAM PAGE by pinfall

Adam Cole vs IWGP Heavyweight Champion “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles

During the ring intros, they mention that next week’s we’ll see the fallout from Best in the World and find out who emerged from the Battle of the Belts as the World champion. Seems odd in 2015 that they would assume that people wouldn’t already know.

Styles didn’t get nearly the reaction of Okada. New Japan ref Kitori gets the officiating duties here. I believe this was Cole’s first match back after an injury and his physique looks kind of soft, in stark contrast to how WWE guys usually look after a layoff.

Cole gets early control after a grappling exchange. AJ get the advantage after a backbreaker and Corino explains how AJ is probably targeting that part of his body due to Cole’s injury. They also put over how Cole’s injury usually takes 12 months recovery and Cole is back in five. Corino also talks about how AJ is just now coming into his prime. AJ knocks Cole out of the ring as we go to break.

Cole with a wheelbarrow suplex outside the ring onto the apron on AJ to get the advantage and Kelly plugs the codeline again as Cole rolls AJ back into the ring and covers for a one count. Cole stomping a mudhole in the corner on AJ as the fans do duelling LETS GO AJ/ADAM COLE chants. AJ kicks off Cole as he’s setting up a figure four attempt but Cole nails AJ with a thrust kick and covers for a two.

Cole with the Randy Orton chinlock spot in the centre. Cole really getting into it with the ringside fans and the distraction allows AJ to get control and suplex him back-first into the turnbuckles. AJ with a Torture Rack into an FU only gets a two. AJ sets up for a powerbomb but Cole powers out and hits a shoulderbreaker for a two count. Cole sets up AJ on the turnbuckles to set up a superplex. AJ rolls out of it, and drops  Cole onto the turnbuckle.

AJ comes off the top rope, but Cole nails him with a suplex in mid-air. He gets the figure-four in mid-ring. AJ makes the ropes after struggling for a minute or so. Corino says that AJ should’ve given up, since this isn’t a title match. Cole is selling an arm injury. AJ tries to roll out, but Cole follows him onto the apron, setting up for the Florida Keys. He then sets up for a suplex but AJ powers out and hits the Sunday Bloody Sunday DDT on the apron as we go to break.

Back in the ring and the fans loudly chanting ADAM COLE as AJ is in control. They do what looks to be the YAY/BOO spot in the center of the ring, but the fans aren’t chanting along so they drop it quickly. AJ misses a Pele kick and Cole hits a superkick for a 2 ¾ count. THIS IS AWESOME chants from the crowd as the match is really hitting it’s stride.

Cole hits a sunset flip and then tries for a Styles Clash but his arm gave out. As he’s selling it, AJ charges from the turnbuckle but Cole ducks and then does hit the Styles Clash but only gets a two. Cole up first and still favoring his arm. He sets up for the Florida Key again but AJ powers out with elbows. Cole his a thrust kick into Styles knee. Styles comes off the middle rope with kind of a modified Pele kick but Cole nails him in the back of the head with a superkick and then hits a rolling German suplex.

Cole charges AJ, but AJ picks him up and sets up the Styles Clash but Cole powers out with kicks to the head of AJ, who’s forced to drop him. AJ finally hits the Pele kick and then two reverse piledrivers. He doesn’t cover but instead hits the Styles Clash for the clean, dominant win.

WINNER: AJ STYLES by pinfall

Just a really awesome match that wouldn’t have been at all out of place as a New Japan main event. AJ helps Cole to his feet after the match but takes the opportunity to berate him as they do a stare-off in the center of the ring. Cole offers him a handshake. AJ shakes his head no, but Cole grabs his hand and forces the handshake. Cole rolls out of the ring as AJ defiantly stares at him and then poses in the ring with his title belt, as the show ends. Kelly plugs the PPV replay before they cut away.

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