Ric Flair Says He'll Never Retire Again & Talks WWE, TNA & The Internet

Ric Flair was recently interviewed by the UK’s DigitalSpy.com to hype TNA’s Maximum iMPACT! 3 UK tour in January. Here are some highlights of what Flair said about:

Working for TNA: “I love it, it’s fantastic. The fact they are working so hard to enhance their brand and become competitive with other sports entertainment companies is huge. They have the money behind them and they have a tremendous boss in Dixie Carter. She is awesome to work for and – unlike most promoters – she is sympathetic in a very unsympathetic business!”

The Internet: “I can’t even turn a computer on and if I could I wouldn’t pay any attention to it anyway! It’s not that I don’t respect the fans, but it’s just what can a wrestling fan tell me about wrestling? One of the problems with the young guys is they are more concerned with what the fans think about them than what they are achieving as individuals and what their boss thinks of them. But that’s normal with young guys and I get it but it’s nothing that will ever affect my role or thought process about myself. I know when I am in the ring when I am good and on, and when I leave the building if I was good and on. And 99 percent of the time I was on or I wouldn’t be here today!”

Retiring Again: “I don’t even think like that. I have already had one retirement. I’ll never retire again. I’ll just walk away. Or fall off the top rope and turn to ash or dust! I’ll just crumble and they will sweep me into a waste basket and I’ll be gone!”

Does He Miss WWE?: “I have friends I miss but I have made new friends here. I don’t dwell on the past ever. I’ll always have those guys for friends and we’ll always respect each other, but it’s like anything else, when you go home you go home. I don’t watch myself on TV. I go home and relax and enjoy my wife, my kids, and I have some grandchildren I love playing with. I’m in a good place and I do what I love doing.”

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