Renee Young On Flexing Her ‘Improv Muscle’, Paul Heyman Having Her Back, Michael Cole On Her Current Legacy

Renee Young Interview

WWE announcer Renee Young recently spoke with BleacherReport on a wide variety of topics, enjoy the highlights seen below.

This Sunday’s commentary team for Evolution’s all female event will feature Michael Cole, Renee Young and Beth Phoenix.

Renee Young on Paul Heyman having her back:

“He’s had my back from the get-go,” Young said. “He did not need to do that. For whatever reason, he and I have always been close when it comes to talking about being better and wanting to be the best. He just kind of gave me advice on how to be a little more succinct, how to create those little punchlines.”

Renee Young on using improv with commentary:

“Prior to working for WWE, I was always in control of my own material [at The Score]. I’ve been here for six years, but until now, I haven’t had many opportunities to flex that [improv]muscle. I’m trying to get back into that mode.”

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Michael Cole on Renee Young’s legacy:

“When all is said and done, Renee is going to go down as one of the great analysts that we’ve ever had, because you have to stand out in this business,” Cole says. “Renee will stand out because she’s offering something that’s never been done before. Forget the fact that she’s a woman. Put that aside. That’s become a footnote now. She’s different because never before have we had in the wrestling business what Renee offers to the announce booth. It’s that innate ability to talk to people, to be able to dig underneath the surface and find out what makes these superstars tick.”

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