Rayne Gone From Impact, Owens Re-Signs with WWE, Network Content

Madison Rayne is one of the most recognizable Knockouts in Impact Wrestling’s long history. She has won numerous titles over the course of her numerous runs with the promotion, but Rayne was recently announced as a competitor for this year’s Mae Young Classic tournament hosted by WWE. As expected, Rayne is now finished with Impact Wrestling for the time being. Her profile on the roster section of Impact’s website has been moved to the ‘Alumni’ section, thus signaling her departure. Rayne’s upcoming participation in the Mae Young Classic will mark her first time competing in a WWE ring, and episodes of the tournament will begin airing on the WWE Network every Wednesday starting on September 5th.
Since joining WWE a few years ago, Kevin Owens has won the NXT Championship, United States Championship, Intercontinental Championship, and Universal Championship, but WWE’s “Prize Fighter” is only just getting started. During a recent interview on Gorilla Position, Owens talked about the booming independent wrestling scene when he let it slip that he recently signed a new deal to continue wrestling for WWE for an unspecified number of years. Owens further admitted that he is perfectly content with his position in WWE and that he never wants to return to the independent circuit ever again. Fans interested in checking out the full interview with Kevin Owens may do so down below:

More content is added to the WWE Network every single week, including some brand new show and vintage shows from the past. While new shows, documentaries, and weekly wrestling series will always please current WWE viewers, other subscribers have been anxiously waiting for new episodes of their favorite classic wrestling shows to be added onto the network. Fortunately, PWInsider says that the company is planning on adding a plethora of classic content to the service soon based on the WWWF All Star Wrestling series from the 70s and 80s. That is expected to join the network within the next few weeks, along with several other bits of brand new shows that have never been seen before.

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