Raw Gauntlet Match Ends in Senseless Violence, Andrade/Zelina Vega Update

A gauntlet match to decide the next challenger to the WWE United States Championship ended in controversy and violence on Monday Night Raw.

The five-man match started with Akira Tozawa scoring a win over WWE 24/7 Champion R-Truth, before squaring off with Ricochet in a hard-hitting exchange. Ricochet then moved on to defeat Matt Hardy for the back-to-back win, but was unable to move past a fresh Humberto Carrillo.

During the final stretch of Carrillo’s portion of the match, Zelina Vega appeared on the entrance ramp and seemed enamored in his performance. For several weeks now, there has been tension brewing between Vega and her associate Andrade… but apparently it was all a farce.

With Vega providing the necessary distraction, Andrade got the jump on Carrillo before he even saw it coming. The two fought out to the floor where El Idolo removed a section of the protective barrier, damn near crippling his newfound rival with a DDT on the concrete below. All as Vega laughed and pointed from a comfortable distance.

Given the finish, or lack thereof, it’s unclear who will move on to challenge for the United States title. Current champion Rey Mysterio did run down to check on his friend, but moments later was attacked by Seth Rollins and the AOP, leaving the future of the title in question.

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Check out the highlights below.

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