Polish team unbeaten in the World Cup!

After three matches of the the Japanese tournament, national team of Poland collected all nine points in really tough games. See the great defence of Michal Kubiak!



First round of the World Cup was a good test for Poles, but they passed this test very well. On Sunday they defeated Cuba quite easy. Cuba is the current world’s vice-champion, but now they are having tough times without a few crucial players, such as fantastic middle blocker Simon. Polish game is clean and reasonable. Pawel Zagumny and Michal Winiarski – two players which are back in the team – are giving much support, experience  and skills.

Poles confirmed their good form by winning with European champion – Serbia. It was not a good day of Ivan Miljkovic and Pawel Zagumny led the team perfectly. However, the game was not easy. In the last set the Serbs had their chances to extend the match, but Anastasi and his players were very determined. Final set reuslt was 30:28. In this part Kubiak made an action of the day. See it!



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Today’s game with Argentina was extremely hard. Polish team did not have a good start, but then it got better. It is worth to say that the game quality was much proved by two players which changed Pawel Zagumny and Michal Kubiak – Lukasz Zygadlo and Bartosz Kurek showed their power and were most helpful to win this game.  For now, the most shinig stars of Poland are Zagumny, Nowakowski and Ignaczak.

Polish players in general statistics of FIVB

1st place of Krzysztof Ignaczak and 3td of Michal Winiarski for the best receivers
5th place of Zbigniew Bartman for the best scorer
4th place of Piotr Nowakowski for the best blocker
4th place of Marcin Mozdzonek for the best server
3td place of Pawel Zagumny for the best setter
3td place of Krzysztof Ignaczak for the best libero

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