Paul “Triple H” Levesque Talks About WWE’s Worldwide Recruitment

Paul Levesque, known to the WWE Universe as 14-time champion Triple H, recently spoke with Josh Barnett of USA Today about putting the “World” in World Wrestling Entertainment when it comes to recruiting new talent.
As the WWE brand has strengthened, its allure to talent on a global scale has, too. Levesque was asked about WWE’s approach to finding talent and prospect development at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando and NXT. Here’s what Levesque had to say:
“As we grow and as we have the opportunity to reach more and more people and word is getting out there — and I talk a lot about this in our world of recruiting — what are the pathways? If you are a kid living in a foreign country and WWE has always been a pipe dream, what’s that pathway you can take to get to WWE?

As those pathways became clearer and clearer, the pool gets bigger and bigger and bigger and so the bar goes up in terms of what we’re looking at not only athletically but personality-wise and the right human being.
We really go into places where we feel we can have the most bang for the buck as far as when we’re looking at doing a recruiting trip or tryout when we’re on the ground in a location and bringing in people from areas. (In Dubai), because of the location, because of the population there and the popularity of what we do, we can bring people in from all over and be very selective about bringing in the best of the best.
We end up with a lot of people from a lot of places, and that allows us to really pick the cream of the crop.”
Barnett’s story also referenced that 44 percent of the 74 prospects training at the WWE Peformance Center are international recruits, encompassing 15 countries. It added that 25 percent of the wrestling hopefuls are women.

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