Paul Heyman Rants About New Promotion Using The Name "ECW"

As previously reported, WWE allowed the “ECW” trademark to expire and another organization based out of New York has trademarked the letters. Paul Heyman was asked about the news on Twitter and responded:

“Yes. Dumbshits who think they can recapture the magic. Some people never learn!”

Heyman then posted the following rant:

“Letters don’t mean anything. WWE’s #ECW wasn’t ECW. Any1 can buy letters. Big deal. ECW was based on ORIGINAL IDEAS! It’s called “having an imagination.” Obviously, trying to be a duplicate ripoff of the past is not “new” or “original” nor “game changing.” #ECW was a product of its time. When I wrote @WWE #Smackdown in 2002/03, I didn’t try to duplicate ECW. You move on with the times, people. #ECW One Night Stand was supposed to be a ONE NIGHT STAND. Not a way to re-marry your ex. If someone wants to take a try at re-doing #ECW, knock yourself out. Go for it. Maybe ur investment is smarter doing something NEW!!!”

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