Omega Admits Now Would Have Been A Good Time To Sign With WWE

One of the biggest stars in Pro Wrestling today who has never set foot in WWE is none other than Kenny Omega. He did compete in WWE’s development territory, Deep South Wrestling, from 2005-2006, but he felt that he was underutilized and that he was going nowhere with his career at the time.
Shortly after that, Omega went to Japan where he made his name and now he is one of the biggest, if not the biggest star in Pro Wrestling today. Omega was recently interviewed by TSN’s Jay & Dan on a number of topics including what his career would look like without The Japan experience.
Omega said, “It would be over. It would be ballgame. I don’t know what I’d be doing.” “I was also involved in MMA at the time but still wanted to be a performer.” “I wanted to be entertaining. I wanted to put on a show for everyone…I felt that my [MMA] matches were boring so I decided to give it one more kick at the can.”
Omega was wrestling in The United States at what was supposed to be his farewell tour. At the time, he was being scouted by Japan, which he thought would only last for a month, but it was what turned his career around.
“I thought I was going to be in Japan for one month but that turned into 10 years,” stated Omega. “And then I thought I would end my career in Japan but there’s this whole new opportunity with AEW and I’m taking my craft and unique style to North America and I’m really excited about that.”
Omega then said that WWE’s creative restrictions played a part in him leaving and never returning, as seen below:
“It just wasn’t for me,” Omega said of the WWE. “I learned a lot of things that helped me take the next step after I left WWE. I had always felt when I had full creative control of my own person and own ideas that I could be the true me and show my full potential.”
Omega then said that he was probably not a good fit for The WWE back then but now would have been a good time to sign with them, as seen below:
“At that stage of my career, probably not. 10 or 12 years later, yeah, now would be a good time. I was actually considering going there earlier in the year, but AEW just seemed right for me. I always get really excited at the idea of having full creative control and just doing new things,” said Omega.
“To me that’s exciting as a performer. I felt that was probably what was best for me, as of right now.”
You can check out Kenny Omega’s comments in the video below:

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