Official RAW Preview (9/3): Intercontinental Kickoff


Preview: Intercontinental kickoff

Be sure to tune in to Monday Night Raw right at 9/8 CT, as Jeff Hardy and Umaga will kick off the show when Hardy challenges the Samoan Bulldozer for the Intercontinental Championship. Can the high-flying Superstar find a way to defeat Umaga for the title? Don’t miss a minute of the match.

Last week, Mr. McMahon thought he had entered hell when, at the bemusement of Triple H, he was confronted by four very undesirable women who said they had been intimate with the Chairman. Mr. McMahon’s quest to find out the identity of his illegitimate son has turned into a circus. He has now threatened to sue the woman who has slapped him with a paternity suit for emotional distress if she does not reveal the name of the WWE Superstar who is his long-lost son within two weeks of last Monday. However, first the Chairman must deal with a more immediate problem – his own family. His wife Linda, daughter Stephanie and son Shane will confront him on Raw next week – and they will have lawyers in tow.

Triple H made an impact in his return to Raw by torturing the Chairman with his sense of humor. But he also showed Carlito he meant serious business when he flattened the Caribbean Superstar with a Pedigree on Carlito’s Cabana. Carlito has called Triple H “overrated” – and the apple-wielding Superstar will have a chance to prove himself when he and The Game go one-on-one Monday night.

Finally, our fans looked on in horror and disbelief last week as Randy Orton sunk to an unbelievable new low and attacked WWE Champion John Cena’s father just before Raw went off the air. The Champ’s eyes appeared to well with tears as he tended to his fallen father after the Legend Killer kicked him in the side of the head. What is the condition of the elder Cena, and how does the WWE Champion plan on retaliating, if at all? More on this…

Find out all the answers to these questions and more when Raw returns to its regular channel on USA Network at 9/8 CT.

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