NXT UK TakeOver Blackpool Results (1/12) – INCREDIBLE NXT UK Title Match, New Champions Crowned, Walter Is Here!

NXT UK TakeOver: Blackpool Results
January 12, 2019
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Report By Doug Enriquez For ProWrestling.com


Tyler Bate and Zack Gibson start the match, and the crowd is HOT. Collar and elbow tie up to start and Gibson gets Bate down to the mat. Gibson starts with joint manipulation and Bate tries to power his way up. Gibson goes for a pin, but Bate puts on a wrestlers bridge, getting himself out of the predicament. He floats over impressively and Gibson tags in James Drake.

Bate tags in Trent Seven, who starts to unload chops to the chest of Drake. Seven locks in an arm lock and drags Drake into the corner and tags in Tyler Bate. Bate whips Drake off the rope, and Gibson grabs the leg of Drake to stop the momentum. Drake collects himself but starts again with Bate and Bate gets the best of him and goes for a roll up but Drake kicks out. Bate tags in Seven and Trent Seven begins to battle both James Drake and Zack Gibson. Seven knocks Gibson out of the ring and then dives onto James Drake! Trent Seven turns around and he missed the tag to Gibson to hits a throat chop to Trent Seven, knocking him down on the outside.

Gibson in control now, as Seven tries to crawls to his corner, but he’s cut off by Zack Gibson, who locks in an arm submission. Seven tries to fight his way up, but Gibson tags in Drake, who springboards his way in and hits a forearm HARD to the back of the head of Trent Seven, busting him open. Gibson makers his way back in and locks in an arm submission again, wearing down Trent Seven. The NXT UK Universe tries to rally Seven back into the match. Gibson tags in James Drake, but Seven is successful in knocking Drake off the apron. Gibson has to leave the ring, so he resorts to sending Seven to the outside where Drake is. The two get up and start to exchange chops. Seven runs into the ring and tries to make the tag. Gibson tries to stop him, but Seven jumps and is able to get to Tyler Bate!

Bate comes in and hits back body drops on both Gibson and Drake. He hoists up James Drake on his shoulders and spins him around, using Drake’s feet to kick Gibson. He decides to add Gibson to his shoulders and STARTS TO SPIN BOTH MEN! Gibson falls off and falls to the outside. Drake and Bate fight their way onto the apron, and Tyler hits an exploder suplex to Drake off the apron onto Gibson! Bate follows it up with a running shooting star off the apron onto both Gibson and Drake!

Back in the ring, Bate and Drake go through a plethora of pin reversals, before Bate finally hits an overhead kick. Seven is tagged in and holds Drake, but Gibson takes out Bate, sending him to the outside. Gibson hits Helter Skelter to Seven and Drake gets to the top and hits a 450 splash! Drake goes for the cover! 1……….2………TRENT SEVEN KICKS OUT! THE CROWD CANT BELIEVE IT! Gibson locks in the Shankly Gates to Seven, and Seven is close to tapping! Bates comes in for the save, but Drake locks in a Shankly Gates of his own! Both men are down in the middle of the ring and it looks like Seven, who is the legal man, is about to tap! Tyler Bate makes his way to his feet and picks up Drake, putting him on his shoulders, only to hit a Death Valley Driver onto Zack Gibson! WOW!

Gibson is out of the ring and Bate and Seven pick up Drake, hitting the clothesline and snap dragon suplex, going for the cover, but only getting a two! Bate goes to the outside and Gibson puts him on his shoulders. Drake fights off Seven on the inside and goes for a suicide dive, HITTING A DOOMSDAY DEVICE SUICIDE DIVE! BATE FLIPS INSIDE OUT ON THE OUTSIDE!!!! TRENT SEVEN GOES FOR A SUICIDE DIVE ONTO GIBSON, BUT DRAKE COMES OUT OF NOWHERE AND DROPKICKS SEVEN RIGHT OUT OF THE AIR!! OH MY GOD!

Back in the ring, Drake and Gibson hit Seven with a Ticket To Mayhem, and go for the cover. 1….2…..3. Gibson and Drake are the inaugural NXT UK Tag Team Champions!

WInners AND NEW NXT UK Tag Team Champions: Zack Gibson & James Drake

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