NWA Power results: Tag Team Title eliminator tournament begins

This week’s NWA Power came from St. Louis, Missouri, as part of the recent Chase Ballroom tapings. Matches shown took place on two different nights as there was a full crowd for one and fans dressed as empty seats for another. 

This show could have used some quality control. Let’s get into it.

The show opened with May Valentine interviewing El Rudo and Jamie Stanley. She asked them if they were going to challenge the Tag Team Champions after their play-in victories. (I’m not a regular watcher so I had no idea what that means.) After they cut promos on everything but, she dryly said, “You didn’t answer my question” as if she really wanted to know the answer. Rudo has some charisma while Valentine didn’t show much in this segment.

We then went to commentary with regulars Joe Galli and Tim Storm with NWA World Champion and special guest Trevor Murdoch. They said Nick Aldis was there to give an update on his future. Murdoch said he sent Aldis emails to connect with him, but hasn’t heard back. I wonder what that correspondence would be like.

Tag Team Title Eliminator quarterfinals: The End (Odinson and Parrow) defeated Jordan Clearwater and Cyon 

Apparently, there’s a tournament for a future title shot. They really need to set the entire lineup of these shows from the top and for a tournament, always show the brackets. There was also a confusing “recorded earlier today” graphic at the start of the match. I think they were trying to explain why no fans were in the arena when they were later on, but there was no need.

Also, Murdoch disappeared and Velvet Sky (sans introduction) was on commentary instead. I’m not sure who was better, to be honest.

Odinson was the most impressive in the match as he’s a muscular guy who can really move around the ring. Austin Idol was out for some reason which Sky made clear she didn’t like. 

The end came when Odinson hit a pounce on Clearwater who was focused on a spray can. Parrow hit a chokeslam on Cyon followed by Odinson hitting a spinning back elbow on Clearwater who was on Parrow’s shoulders called Hell on Earth.

They advance to the semifinals against…someone.

— Valentine was back with Hawx Aerie. She asked PJ (the son) about advancing in the next round against Colby Corino. After he talked, she added that JTG was Corino’s partner. This wasn’t her best night to say the least. He and Luke (father) want to be the first ever father and son Tag Team Champions, so I guess they are in the tourney too?

Judais defeated Jeremiah Plunkett (w/ Father James Mitchell)

This was taped on a different night as there were actually fans in the stands. Judais won the battle royal at NWA 73 and is the no. 1 contender for champion Chris Adonis.

This was an exhibition for Judais who won using all power moves, finishing Plunkett with a razor’s edge in minutes.

Mitchell ordered him to do it again which brought out James Storm from the back. He said Judais should stop messing around with Shetland ponies and go for a Clydesdale instead. Mitchell said Storm was dressed for a funeral to which Storm replied, “Maybe I am, but we’ll just see whose funeral it will be.”

— Jax Dane and Crimson did a way too long promo setting up a clash between them in the main event of next week’s show. Commentary later put over that their split as a team (War Kings) was the “end of an era.”

One positive: Kyle Davis is very good.

Kylie Rae defeated Tootie Lynn

Lynn was the hometown favorite being from St. Louis, but everyone loves Rae. That would change as Rae moved into heel mode a few minutes in, landing an elbow off a break and mocking Lynn with her smiling pose. She was more aggressive throughout, wrapping up Lynn around her back and ramming her into the turnbuckles. 

Lynn hit a shotgun dropkick for a near fall as her comeback was on. However, Rae won a scramble and got the Charity Case crossface for the submission win which the fans booed. 

It was at this point that I wanted to know and understand how all of this action tied into the NWA pay-per-view weekend we just had. It felt disconnected from that.

— TV Champion Tyrus, BLK Jeez, Jordan Clearwater and Austin Idol were out for a promo and Kyle Davis was questioning them for some recent tactics. They didn’t like it and then started rambling and justifying their actions. Enough said. Again, Davis was the standout.

Tag Team Title Eliminator quarterfinals: Mims and Sal Rinauro defeated Slice Boogie and Marshe Rockett

Rockett and Boogie worked well together and have some size. Mims does as well while Rinauro is the comedic-looking talent that can really go in there.

This was a pretty basic tag team match that the crowd got into as they loved Mims and Rinauro. They got the win when Boogie was focused on Rinauro after hitting a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, giving Mims an opportunity to hit a suplex slam of sorts to pick up the win. The fans were into it, especially for the finish. This was a fun short match. I have no idea who they face next or when.

— Davis was back with Marti Belle and Paola Blaze. Belle is half of the NWA Tag Team Champions. Both women were flipping back and forth from English to Spanish. As they were yelling at each other, Davis said the NWA office decreed there would be singles matches between Belle and Paolo and Allysin Kay and Jennacide. If Paolo or Jennacide win a match, they get a title shot.

Nick Aldis segment

A really well done video aired recapping Aldis’ long NWA title reign and Murdoch ending it at NWA 73.

Aldis, Women’s Champion Kamille, Adonis and Thom Latimer came out. Aldis apologized to Davis for punching him recently and put over Billy Corgan and what they have built in the NWA.

He put over his accomplishments during his 1000+ run as champion as well as Murdoch being the better man but now that Murdoch has the pressure of being the champion.

He said he is gunning for that World title again and Mickie James came out beside him as he finished up. 

This was a babyface promo if you have ever heard one. 

Final Thoughts:

I can’t add much more other than that the little things matter…like showing brackets for a tournament.

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