Nia Jax Not Happy with Braun Strowman WWE MMC Team, Strowman On If He Cares About Jax’s Reaction (Video)

WWE has released the above video, featuring Braun Strowman and Alexa Bliss being asked how Nia Jax will react to news of the two being paired up for the WWE MMC, as Jax had been lobbying to be paired up with Strowman for weeks.

Strowman does not allow his partner Bliss to respond, and instead says he does not care about Jax’s reaction to the news, as he is focused on winning the tournament with Bliss.

Nia Jax has indeed reacted, on Twitter, to the news of the Strowman and Bliss team, and as you can see the Raw star is not happy with the announcement:

You’re the worst 😤

— Nia Jax (@NiaJaxWWE) January 3, 2018

Really @RealKurtAngle why do you hate me?! First you take out @real1 & then you do this!?! The people wanted Braun & Nia….not cool Kurt…NOT COOL!! Btw…Enzo is feeling better, my chicken soup works wonders 😋😉

— Nia Jax (@NiaJaxWWE) January 3, 2018

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