News On An Reportedly Scrapped WWE Survivor Series Storyline

A report via the WrestleVotes Twitter account shared an interesting storyline that WWE had planned for WWE Survivor Series which has been scrapped.

The planned idea would have seen the SmackDown roster invade Raw last night (which did happen in the main event segment, led by Becky Lynch), but would have seen someone from the Raw roster be tipped off prior to the attack.

This would have meant Raw would have been prepared for the attack which would have ruined SmackDown’s plans and would have created a “traitor” storyline within the blue brand.

Because of that, Shane McMahon would then have worked to find out who alerted the WWE Raw roster which would have set up a possible feud in the future, but those plans were obviously changed as the Raw roster was not prepared for last nights ambush. However, it is an interesting idea that is worth noting, and it is possible WWE could do it with the red brand tonight instead, although that is unlikely.

Source :

Wrestle Votes

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