New Brits at Londonedge

This autumn will see new brands at trade exhibition Londonedge taking place from 5-7th September at the Olympia National Hall in Kensington. A number of new British brands and labels from the US will be joining Londonedge and Londoncentral.

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The trade show will welcome the debut collection from a group of four new UK designers called 4.2Morrow. Their first womenswear collection for AW10 is a gothic and rock-inspired line called ‘Die Romantic’ featuring leathers and sheer fabrics. Rabbit Jelly is a new vintage-inspired mens and womenswear brand that takes its lead from fashion in the 1950s through to the 1980s. Its sister label Rabbit Works will also be exhibiting with a collection of globally sourced and re-worked vintage clothing. Pyknic Clothing will also be joining Londonedge for the first time and will be exhibiting tees, jeans, jerseys and some jewellery accessories.

The US brand Burn This Forever will showcase for the first time at Londonedge. The designer behind this two-year old brand is responsible for much of the design work for bands including Paramore, All Time Low, Metallica and more. He now runs a clothing line for men and women, offering tees, hoodies and baseball tees. VNM is a new venture, spearheaded by the US design firm The Black Axe. The company is made up of 5 prolific designers from the music industry who have come together to make their own vision a reality. The range is predominantly menswear and primarily tee shirts.

Image: Londonedge

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