Neville jokes about the two players he’d loan from Man Utd

Gary Neville believes Premier League clubs could loan players to teams in Leagues One and Two free of charge – and he has his eye on two from Man Utd in particular.

League Two clubs have already voted to end their season early due to the financial strain of playing the final few matches, while those in League One are yet to come to a decision.

A number of possibilities have been mooted as options to help lower-league clubs cope with the situation, including “>the dreaded idea of Premier League B teams, which Salford co-owner Neville would oppose.

“It’s been resisted previously when those sort of ideas have been mentioned,” Neville told Sky Sports of the dreaded B-team option.

“I would personally resist it to maintain the pyramid that has promotion and relegation, it’s a been a fantastic thing for this country.

“Whether you’re a supporter of Rochdale or Man Utd or Liverpool, you’re proud of your club and you’re proud they stand on their own two feet.

“Maybe there could be a happy medium. I heard it suggested at a meeting a few weeks ago. It would be very helpful if Premier League clubs and Championship clubs, who have got more money, could loan players down to League One and League Two for no money.

“The teams that do loan down to League One and League Two would ordinarily charge. I think if you wanted to relieve the economic pain for the next two or three years, you could potentially – not partnerships – but a way that Premier League and Championship could soften the economical blow for the clubs in the lower divisions is by not charging for players.

“That would be a real help. It would, in some way, if you could allow four or five players into, let’s say my club, save hundreds of thousands of pounds. It would be the same for Stevenage or Oldham or Macclesfield or Wycombe and every other club that’s down in League One or League Two.

“Everyone would benefit. That’s what I’d say is a half-way house between losing the integrity of the lower-league clubs but sustaining how things are at this moment in time.”

Put to him by Jamie Redknapp that he just wanted Salford to loan Marcus Rashford, Neville responded by claiming that they’d make do with Man Utd teammates Brandon Williams and Mason Greenwood. Seems fair.

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