MVP Updates Fans On Matt Hardy, Sin Cara Botched Spots Force Re-Takes

– Former WWE star MVP wrote the following on Twitter about Matt Hardy:

“I spoke 2 Matt & Jeff today. It’s a difficult time for Matt but he’ll be ok. Life has ups & downs! For some more than others. Matt has people who care about him that will see him get the help he needs! It’s real easy for those of you that are free of imperfection to hurl insults at those who aren’t. Life is about PEAKS & valleys!”

– The original Sin Cara (Mistico) returned to action this week at Tuesday’s WWE SmackDown tapings from Calgary and already had people ‘shaking their heads’ at him backstage.

WWE had to do two re-takes during Sin Cara’s match against Heath Slater due to several blown spots – something his WWE run has been plagued by thus far.

* Pictures Of Sin Cara UNMASKED

(Source: Wrestling Observer, Twitter @The305MVP)

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