'Music To My Ears': De Blasio Soaks Up Trump's Attack

NEW YORK — At least he’s got his enemy’s attention. Mayor Bill de Blasio seemed to revel in President Donald Trump’s criticism of his presidential campaign after Trump tweeted a video dismissing his hometown mayor’s chances.

De Blasio, a Democrat, pitched his ability to take on Trump as he rolled out his 2020 bid on Thursday. He even coined a new nickname for the Queens-born Republican: “Con Don.”

Trump followed up by tweeting a 36-second clip — which appeared to be filmed aboard a presidential airplane — in which he predicted de Blasio would not be in the White House race for long.

“It will never happen. I’m pretty good at predicting things like that,” Trump said in the video posted Thursday evening. “… If you like high taxes and if you like crime you can vote for him. But most people aren’t into that.”

Though it was an attack, Trump’s tweet elevated de Blasio’s name to his 60.3 million followers as the mayor seeks to expose himself to voters across the nation. The video had been viewed 1.9 million times as of late Friday morning.

De Blasio seemed more than happy to be targeted by the president. “It’s music to my ears,” he said in a Friday morning appearance from Iowa on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.”

“He told working people in this country in 2016 he was going to be on their side and he was going to be there to make their lives better. He conned everyone,” de Blasio said. “He has been the best president for the 1 percent, for the wealthy, for the corporations we’ve ever seen.”

De Blasio jumped in the already crowded presidential race three days after he held a rally at Trump Tower castigating the president for pollution that comes from his buildings. The stunt led to a Twitter spat between de Blasio and Trump’s eldest sons.

The mayor responded to Trump with a video of his own Thursday evening, noting that the city has seen falling crime and a record-high number of jobs. He also called the president “low-energy,” an insult Trump often used against former GOP presidential hopeful Jeb Bush.

“I really think you better rest up, because you’re going to need it for the election ahead,” de Blasio said in the video. “We’re coming for you.”

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