More Superstars Congratulate Dolph Ziggler For His Title Win On RAW

John Cena, AJ Lee, Edge, X-Pac and Dolph Ziggler’s ex-girlfriend, comedienne Amy Schumer are among the many people congratulating new World Heavyweight champion for his big win on RAW. Here are some of their tweets:

John Cena: “No problem Champ! Congrats RT @HEELZiggler: “@JohnCena: Read all about it… The Champ returns to Boston’s @tdgarden tonight for SmackDown!” – @BostonGlobe”
-thanks for the plug, bro”

AJ Lee: “Congratulations to my baby Ziggy @HEELZiggler . No one works harder or deserves it more. No one. I’m so happy right now.”

Big E Langston: “Congratulations to the new World Heavyweight Champion @HEELZiggler. Best tag team partner/double dutcher/lasagna chef I’ve ever known.”

Amy Schumer: “Um, @HEELZiggler i feel like we should get back together”

Edge: “Proud of my boy @HEELZiggler finally where he belongs. So deserving. Hard work pays off”

X-Pac: “@HEELZiggler I couldn’t be happier for you. You deserve last night & much more. I’m not ashamed to say I marked out for that.”

Curt Hawkins: “I hope all the guys on the @WWE roster see @HEELZiggler as a true inspiration. Because I certainly do.”

Beth Phoenix: “Congrats to @HEELZiggler on his well deserved championship win! Looong overdue!”

Michael McGuillicutty “If seeing @HEELZiggler win the World Heavyweight Championship didnt give u goosebumps, something is wrong with u… What its all about! #WWE”

Carlito: “After carrying around the MITB briefcase for 8 years, he finally cashed it in to become WHC! Congrats Dolph Ziggler!”

* VIDEO of DOLPH ZIGGLER’s World Heavyweight Title Win – Amazing!!

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