Mick Foley Talks About A WWE Return, Wrestling Undertaker, TNA's Top Talent

Wrestling legend Mick Foley, who is rumored to be returning to WWE in the coming months, was asked on Twitter last night if he can see himself having another match against The Undertaker. Foley responded:

“Could I see me and Undertaker having one more match? Not likely, but I’m going to drop 50 lbs just in case I get the call.”

Foley was then asked who on the WWE roster today does he think he can have a good match with:

“Not sure I can have a GREAT match with anyone, anymore. But I think I could have a GOOD last match with several guys in @WWE.”

Foley also responded to a question about which wrestlers in TNA he thinks have “it” – and the potential to be a mainstream star lke The Rock or John Cena. Foley responded with a bleak [yet probably realistic] outlook:

“Not trying to be mean, but I’m not sure Impact will ever be big enough to truly get a new wrestler over to the mainstream.”

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(Source: Twitter @RealMickFoley)

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