Mick Foley Pulls Out Of TV Project, Production Company Issues Statement

A proposed sitcom involving Mick Foley and a former cast member of Survivor was in the works, but the TNA star recently pulled out of the project. Lost Colony Entertainment was working with Foley on the proposed sitcom and they issued a statement today on their MySpace account talking about why the project was nixed.

For those of you who have asked, yes, Mick Foley has once again pulled out of the “Have a Nice Day” sitcom, citing time constraints (specifically due to his busy wrestling schedule and family commitments).

Mick is a true legend in the world of pro wrestling and he has literally given his body to entertain his fans. Producing and starring in a situation comedy is a full-time job and a person really has to want it badly enough in order to devote their time to it. Otherwise, it’s not gonna be a success.

Fortunately, Mick understood that he wasn’t cut out for this project and he respectfully backed out before we got too far into negotiations with a major broadcast network. Everyone at Amdram Productions and Lost Colony Entertainment wishes Mick well as he continues with his work as a professional wrestler at the age of 43.

Now? We move forward with our current slate of projects, relishing the opportunity to work with a talented group of individuals who are anxious and ready to devote their time and energy towards making things happen.

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