Mick Foley Compares Dixie Carter To Vince, Talks About His WWE HOF Chances

The Sun. recently had Mick Foley on their WrestleCast radio show, which you can listen to at TheSun.co.uk. Here are some highlights of what Foley said about:

His return match in TNA: “I learned the lesson that if you’re going to forget one thing it shouldn’t be: ‘Hey, there’s two guys crashing through a table – you might not want to have your leg there.’ I thought I broke my leg. I could barely walk, but thankfully the swelling has gone down.”

TNA President Dixie Carter: “Dixie is definitely not Vince – and that’s a good thing. Once I got involved with TNA, it was something I really wanted to become a bigger part of. Dixie actually let me make an investment in the company, which was a good thing.”

Vince McMahon and “The Wrestler”: “I was asked whether I thought Vince McMahon would like the movie and I said: ‘Personally I don’t think he’ll like it, as he doesn’t like to shine a spotlight on some of the troubles the guys go through.’ Mickey Rourke called me and the first thing he said was: ‘Screw Vince McMahon!’”

His Chances for Making WWE’s Hall of Fame: “It’s weird how much talk the Hall Of Fame gets and it’s definitely something people consider. You have to keep in mind that there are guys like Baron Mikel Scicluna, Johnny Rodz, The Fridge and Pete Rose in there – but Bruno Sammartino is not in there. Between Bruno and Bob Backlund, they held the old WWWF title for about 13 years and neither one is in. I’m not going to let Vince determine whether or not my career is a good one by whether or not I’m inducted. Still it would be nice to be asked one day – but I’m not counting on it and in no way would that greatly shape my memories.”

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