Michael Cole Missing Raw, Original Lesnar Plan, Update on Thunder

Michael Cole is positioned as the top announcer in WWE right now, as such, he is usually present on each edition of Monday Night Raw and any other show that he is needed for. However, it appears that Cole is finally going to be missing his first Raw show in years. WWE.com has confirmed that Cole is going to be missing the upcoming Raw show at the Pepsi Center in Denver. Cole’s son will be getting married that day, and the announcer plans on being in attendance. In the twenty years that Cole has worked for WWE, this will only be the second time that Cole has missed work. Tom Phillips will be replacing Cole for that particular show.
Brock Lesnar won the Universal Championship from Goldberg at Wrestlemania 33, and he has been on an unstoppable path of destruction ever since. He has defeated the likes of Braun Strowman, Roman Reigns, and Samoa Joe to retain his title. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter has shed some light on what the original plans for Lesnar were after he won the title earlier this year. The report claims that Lesnar was supposed to fight Strowman at Great Balls of Fire and retain, but the match was cancelled due to Strowman’s elbow injury. Finn Balor and Seth Rollins were rumored to face him next, but WWE decided to extend the feuds between Samoa Joe and Braun Strowman. Balor is currently rumored to be the next contender for Brock’s championship.
It was reported a while back that WWE would be adding episodes of the former WCW Thunder show to the WWE Network in the coming weeks. Apparently, those plans have been at least temporarily halted. PWInsider updated the story, claiming that current legal issues involving Buff Bagwell and Raven are likely to blame for the delay. The two former WCW performers are suing WWE for not paying royalties for the content that they are featured in on the network. Thunder is still said to be ready to be released at any moment, but they have instead decided to air classic episodes of World Class Championship Wrestling instead.

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