McMahon Tells Wrestlers To Get Off Whatever They're Using

source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Backstage before the 7/2 show, Vince McMahon held a meeting in which he basically told everyone to “immediately” get off whatever they were using, which was presumably a call to cycle off steroids and growth hormone.

There have already been some noticeable physique changes following Benoit’s death, although there are a number of factors that tilt some influence away from McMahon’s comments.

Among them are the fact that supply is likely down, due to a well-known human growth hormone supplier getting busted and the possibility that doctors, in the wake of Dr. Astin’s indictment, are probably becoming more careful when it comes to issuing prescriptions. Voluntary choice to get off such drugs is also a possibility.

There also exists that possibility that drugs have not played a major role in the physique changes. Grief over the Chris Benoit tragedy could have caused wrestlers to miss workouts or adopt less nutritious eating habits, both of which could spark losses in muscle volume and definition.

The internal estimate from various sources is that “half” of the locker room has had a noticeable muscle shrinkage within the past two weeks.

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