Man In Pune Writes PIN On Cover Of Debit Card, Thieves Take Out Rs 75,000 From ATM

Writing down his personal identification number (PIN) on his debit card cover proved costly for 56-year-old Hulgappa Kurade.

The retiree, who lives in Karvenagar, had his wallet stolen by pickpockets at Swargate bus stand on February 10. The wallet contained Rs16,000 in cash. The thieves then used his debit card top withdraw Rs 75,000 from an ATM.

BCCL/Representational Image

Curiously, Kurade did not receive SMS alerts from his bank about the cash withdrawal. He only discovered that the money was missing from his account when he visited the bank’s Karvenagar branch on February 22. He then lodged a complaint with the Swargate police.

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