Lucha Libre Veteran & AAA Star La Parka Passes Away

We are sad to report the passing of lucha libre veteran Jesus Alfonso Escoboza, better known as the masked sensation La Parka.

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Escoboza suffered a near fatal injury while performing a dive to the outside of the ring, crashing into the barricade and hitting his head on the concrete floor. He was rushed to the hospital and it was reported that he had been temporarily paralyzed in the incident, undergoing emergency surgery.

He began his in-ring career in the late 80s working under the names Bello Sexy, Maligno and Karis la Momia, joining up with Mexican lucha libre promotion AAA in 1995.

Escoboza was later renamed La Parka Jr. as the original and more famous La Parka, Adolfo Tapia, had begun working more and more for World Championship Wrestling in the U.S., and AAA wanted to capitalize off the popularity of a major name that they had created.

Things escalated in 2003 when Tapia signed with promotional rival CMLL, bringing on a major legal battle that forced him to change his name to L.A. Park, at which point Escoboza controversially took over the role of La Parka.

The late Escoboza won the AAA Rey de Reyes tournament on five occasions in 2001, 2003, 2005, 2007 and again in 2014. He also won the Copa Antonio Pena in 2013, and was a two-time Mexican National Cruiserweight Champion, and two-time Mexican National Tag Team Champion with Octagon and Mascara Sagrada.

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