Low Ki Discusses Never Being TNA World Champion, Leaving WWE’s “Toxic Environment,” More

MLW star, Low Ki recently spoke with Chris Van Vliet about never winning the TNA World Championship and why he doesn’t watch WWE anymore. Below are some highlights with a H/T to Rajah.com for the transcriptions.

On never being TNA World Champion:

“No, it doesn’t bother me because I’ve seen the quality of the champions that they’ve had. My time was coming last year and when the issue with Del Rio came up and they dissolved my opportunity to me that showed me that they had no invested interest in me to begin with. So not to have that World Championship is not anything off of my back, my career is way greater than one belt.”

Why he doesn’t watch WWE:

“WWE I have no interest in and it’s just because it’s very difficult to sit through it. I’m a fan of skill, I’m a fan of stuff that’s intriguing, I’m a fan of stuff that’s cleverly done and there’s thought behind it. A lot of the times it’s like a conveyor belt of the same stuff and that’s difficult to do because there are so many people who are wanting to enjoy this, but it takes them away if it becomes a repetitive pattern and they can recognize that and it takes away their ability to have fun. Again, I’m not knocking them because I don’t watch their product and I don’t know enough to comment on them but from the feedback that I get from other people, what we’re doing at MLW is much more interesting than others because it seems like we’re offering something the others aren’t. The way that I see it is traditional values. It’s very traditional values, but we’re not insulting the intelligence of our people.”

Leaving WWE’s Toxic environment:

“It was the most healthy option. It was a toxic environment. I don’t know how it is now because I haven’t been there and I don’t watch so I can’t offer an opinion on that. But at least for me, it was a toxic environment that served no further purpose and it was best for me to go. And because of that I was able to thrive in other areas and with other opportunities but usually the opportunities that they had available to them and they chose not to use them.”



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