Live Notes on Mick Foley's Stand-Up Comedy Show; Reid Flair Tribute at Indy Show

Thanks to reader Gino C. for sending this in:

I attended Mick Foley ‘s stand up in NYC tonight and figured I’d pass along some notes.

-Mick did a ten minute skit poking fun of Hogans sex tape. Pretending to be the Hulkster with a penis that wouldn’t perform. It was quite entertaining as Mick had a ref actually check the “penis” to see if it was unconscious.
-He was later asked if he considered. Hogan a friend to which he replied “not really” but did admit to hold respect for him.

-Foley felt he wanted a grand exit at the 2013 Hall of Fame and approached Triple H And Vince about having a Santa slay whisk him away at the end of his speech.

-Foley admitted to visiting a brothel in Germany with The Rock , Al Snow and two other wrestlers that he refused to identify. He never confirmed if the participated in anything but they did visit one.

-Another ten minute skit was performed about a night when Stone Cold and himself played a joke on DDP by placing dozens of cookies in his hotel bed. All because DDP walked around naked and they hated having to deal with that since they were sharing hotel rooms.

Well that’s all , Take care!

Loyal Reader
Gino C. reader Anthony DiIorio sent this in:

Ric Flair coming to Rhode Island for Reid Flair Tribute at the XWA Remembrance Finale

Other special appearances include:

The Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase
XWA Champion – VADER
Hacksaw Jim Duggan
“The Masterpiece” Chris Masters
John Cena Sr.
ROH star Mike Mondo F.K.A “Mikey” from the WWE’s Spirit Squad

For more information, click HERE.

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