Lesnar vs Reigns WWE GRR Fallout Continues: WWE Makes Call on the Fly, Did Reigns’ Feet Actually Hit First?

Two week removed from the WWE Greatest Royal Rumble event, and legitimate controversy lingers stemming from the finish of the Brock Lesnar vs Roman Reigns Steel Cage Title match.

As we reported moments after the match, via F4WOnline.com, Reigns and Lesnar appeared to have legitimately botched the finish of their match, which resulted in a myriad of explanations from the announce team and later, referee Chad Patton.

According to The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the plan was for Roman Reigns to spear Lesnar through the cage, but Lesnar’s feet were supposed to hit the ground first, allowing him to win the match. When that did not happen, and Reigns’ feet hit first, the announce team explained that the referee ruled in favor of Lesnar winning the match since The Beast’s body hit the ground first, even though that is not the match rule.

To add to the idea that there was “controversy” surrounding the referee’s decision, WWE decided to have Chad Patton Tweet days later that he had made a mistake in calling the match finish, and he apologized for his error. The protocol in WWE is that the referee is supposed to call the match as a shoot, or how he sees it play out, and if there’s any kind of a botch from the wrestlers then the planned finish changes.

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To complicate things even further, many readers have pointed out that both of Roman Reigns’ feet did not actually touch the ground first in the match, as one of his feet was laying on top of the ring skirt after he fell to the ground. You can check it out and judge for yourself in the photos below:

Hmmm…was Roman’s foot on the ground or on the ring skirt? The plot thickens…. pic.twitter.com/7gRKrKAarA

— ProWrestling.com (@pw_dotcom) May 4, 2018

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