Latest Update on the Twitter War Between Graves & Amore

It was previously reported that Corey Graves and Enzo Amore had a heated exchange on Twitter in which Corey Graves took the first shot. The heated exchange between the two is being described as something that was not set up by The WWE and instead done by both individuals on their own.
Below is the tweet from Corey Graves which started the Twitter War:


My son just ran to second base, and danced like @real1 to celebrate.
I have failed as a father.
— Corey Graves (@WWEGraves) September 30, 2017

Below is the tweet that Enzo Amore responded with in which he referenced Corey Graves retiring from WWE as a wrestler due to effects of multiple concussions:


Nah u didn’t fail as a father!? U failed as a wrestler, thats why they dressed ya up in a suit N tie & told ya 2 sit down #HowYouDoin #Champ
— Enzo Amore (@real1) October 1, 2017

It seemed like Graves would totally ignore or choose not to respond to the tweet answered back by Enzo, so it was Corey Graves’ younger brother who is a pro wrestler and who goes by the name Sam Adonis who responded to Enzo’s tweet. Below was the tweet sent out by Corey Graves’ younger brother:


Maybe it’s Time I go Back to WWE and kick this idiots teeth down his throat!!?
— Sam Adonis (@RealSamAdonis) October 1, 2017


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