Lana Reveals Her Ambition To Win WWE Women’s Championship

Since making her debut on the main roster, Lana has mostly been seen as the voice behind The Bulgarian Brute Rusev, but more recently, Rusev has been seen without his wife. 
This is because Lana has been sent to the Performance Centre to work on her craft a little more and has been appearing at NXT Live Events for the past few weeks. Lana even celebrated her first win at a live event a few days ago and is now looking further forward, to a place on the main roster. 
The Ravishing Russian revealed in a recent interview with Complex, that she wanted to be on the main roster and she wants to win the Women’s Championship, ‘when the time is right’.

She said: “Absolutely. I love my job and I love that I can work with Rusev – but I will go after that championship when the time is right. Those things don’t happen overnight – but when I step in that ring, I will be great. Just like when I’m on the mic, I know I can turn that whole crowd, that’s how I’m gonna be in the ring.
“I’m training, and I go to NXT to get my fix, but I’m slow and steady. This is a marathon, not a sprint.”
Lana would fit in well with the women currently on the Raw roster, so it will be interesting to see how WWE integrate her back into the women’s roster when she believes she is ready. 

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