Lana Returns to Smackdown, Challenging Naomi at Money in the Bank

After building up her debut on Smackdown as a wrestler for weeks now, Lana finally emerged on the lastest episode of the show. Lana came down to the ring and asked Shane McMahon to put her in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match. The Smackdown Women’s Champion Naomi told Lana that she had not earned her spot in the match, to which Shane McMahon agreed. Despite asking McMahon for a spot in the match all week on Twitter, Shane said that she had to earn an opportunity into the ladder match, so Lana’s request was denied. This little ruling did not stop “The Ravishing Russian” from making an impact in her re-debut though.
During a six-woman tag team match later in the show, Lana attacked Naomi and ended up costing her the match. Naomi then asked Shane McMahon if she could face Lana at the pay-per-view, to which Shane obliged. Lana has only competed in one match during her time on the main roster: a multi-woman match during the pre-show of Wrestlemania 32. She has been training at the Performance Center and NXT live events in the meantime. No word on how Lana is doing as an in-ring competitor, but WWE must see something in her if she is immediately getting a title shot in her singles debut. She will challenged the champion Naomi at Money in the Bank on June 18th.
WWE has had a strange relationship with Lana ever since she arrived to the main roster. She has been positioned as a top star before, but she lost some respect from management after tweeting out her real-life engagement to Rusev. Now that they are apart, Lana is being positioned as a top star once again, and she will be wrestling from now on. Her new gimmick is that of a seductive dancer, but she has also tried out a hip hop dancer gimmick in NXT live events before. Lana is back for good now, and we will have to wait until Money in the Bank to see what she is capable of in-between the ropes.

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