Kylie Jenner : Son anniversaire de rêve et ses cadeaux (très) spéciaux

On l’attendait, il est enfin arrivé ! L’anniversaire somptueux de Kylie Jenner organisé sur un modeste yacht (estimé à 250 millions de dollars et loué 1,2 million la semaine) a eu lieu ! Le 10 août 2019, la créatrice de Kylie Cosmetics a fêté ses 22 ans comme une reine. Très sexy, la maman de Stormi (1 an) a choisi une longue robe blanche à plumes digne d’une meneuse de revue brésilienne. En story, la chérie de Travis Scott a partagé les moments forts de cette soirée composée de nombreux moussaillons. Parmi les invités, on pouvait compter sur Kris Jenner (légèrement pompette) et son homme Corey Gamble, le chéri de Kylie (Travis) mais aussi Scott Disick (l’ex de sa soeur Khloe) et sa nouvelle compagne Sofia Richie. Sa soeur Khloe et sa fille Stormi étaient bien sûr également présentes. La soeur de Kendall Jenner a d’ailleurs partagé une adorable vidéo avec son bout’chou qui lui chante Joyeux anniversaire.

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My babyyyy

Une publication partage par Kylie (@kyliejenner) le


Une publication partage par Kylie (@kyliejenner) le

Happy Birthday to my baby!!! @kyliejenner I can’t believe you are 22…It is the greatest joy and blessing to be your mommy and watch you grow into such an beautiful woman inside and out. You are the most amazing daughter, sister, friend and mommy…. watching you with Stormi has been such a wonderful blessing. I am so proud of you… You are truly an old soul and such an inspiration to everyone. your creativity, generosity and huge heart is truly remarkable! You are an angel girl and I love you more than you will ever know. mommy #HappyBirthdayKylie

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Happy Birthday @kyliejenner When I think about you I think of a wise old soul who makes amazing decisions that are always true to what you really believe. You have always been so strong and confident in doing what is in your heart and I admire and respect that. You live life like it’s your last day and it’s so much fun to see you live such a full life and being such a kind person while doing it all. I wanted to post a unseen “music video” you, Kendall and I did back in the day but didn’t want to embarrass you too much lol. I love you

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How is my baby girl 22?! seriously how? But oh my goodness hasn’t this been the most magical 22 years?! Here we are, celebrating your life and how blessed we all are to have you. May we never stop celebrating one another!! May we savor every moment because in a blink, you are now 22. You and Kenny were my practice babies and now you’re 22 pull it together Khlo lol Happy birthday sweet Kylie! Your love, humor, generosity, confidence, empathy, charm, strength are just a few things I love and adore about you!! We are all so blessed to have you. Luckier to be inspired by what an incredible mommy, sister, daughter and business woman you are. Being your sister is one of the greatest blessings life has given me. I sincerely thank God every single day for you and the rest of my family! May you continue to be surrounded by blessings, love, happiness and laughter! Cheers to you baby girl! I know you had the most spectacular birthday!!! I will love you until the end of time! I will spend forever proving it

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