Kurt Angle On How WWE Should Use the Cruiserweights, Brock Lesnar’s Botched Shooting Star, His Most Underrated Matches

WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle recently conducted a Q&A via his Facebook page, and below are some highlights.

Do you think that the guys from 205 live should integrate into the Raw and Smackdown shows more? Mix it up a bit?

I think we should highlight each one for a month. So every month, have a different 205 superstar wrestle the top heavyweights on Raw and Smackdown. See which one the fans really get behind and push that wrestler into superstar mode. Then you have the next Rey Mysterio. It’s worth a shot, you never know. Just an idea.

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Which match of yours you think people underrate?

My matches with Orton and Cena. They seem to be overshadowed by my matches with Austin, Rock, Taker, Eddie, Benoit, Mysterio, Michaels and Lesnar. I loved my matches with Orton and Cena!

was anything said between you and Brock when Brock messed up on the sunset flip? Did you guys say anything in ring after that?

Well, it was my idea to do the shooting star…Brock misjudged the flip and landed on his head. It was a scary moment. But nothing was said between us about it. The match spoke for itself regardless of the failed flip. If anything, it became one of the most popular Wrestlemania moments.

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