Knockouts Deliver Ratings In Impact Main Event, Young Star In Line For Push, More


— TNA drew a solid 1.1 cable rating for last week’s edition of Impact. An average of 1.6 million viewers tuned in during the show. At least in total number of viewers, the figure is up from the previous two weeks. The Knockouts were given the main event slot, a match pitting Velvet Sky & Angelina Love against Taylor Wilde & Gail Kim, and they delivered with a show-high 1.18 quarter hour rating. The match did one of the best numbers for an Impact main event, perhaps even ever. And unlike most Impact main events, they didn’t lose viewers for a change. The only quarter hour that came close to the Knockouts main event was Q4, which drew a 1.16 rating a Booker T-Samoa Joe in-ring segment, as well as the A.J. Styles promo that followed it and a backstage segment featuring “The Beautiful People” with Shark Boy and Curry Man.

— Consequences Creed is said to be in line for a big push in the coming months.

— Midway Games has plans to do a big media event this weekend promoting the upcoming TNA “iMPACT!” video game.

News on TNA looking to break up a duo currently getting a huge push on TV

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