Kevin Owens Explains New Tattoos, Austin Responds to His Stunner

Kevin Owens finally made his return to the ring during last night’s episode of SmackDown. When fans last saw Owens, he was a member of the Raw roster, but he will now take on Daniel Bryan for the WWE Championship during Fastlane in March. Owens’ WWE career is bound to accelerate now that he has returned and is fully healed up from his injuries. However, fans noticed some peculiar details about Owens when he came back yesterday. Owens was sporting a ton of new tattoos on his right arm, and during his match later in the show, he busted out a Stone Cold Stunner. Owens certainly looked and acted differently last night, so it may be interesting to see what else he picked up while he was away.
First off, several fans were quick to notice that Owens has gained a ton of tattoos. Owens previously only had a tattoo of a bull’s head on his right arm, but on SmackDown last night, nearly his entire arm was covered in body art. Among the designs include tattoos of pandas and monkeys. Why did Owens get these animals inked on his body? When responding to a fan on Twitter with that very same question, the former Universal Champion admitted that it was simply because he just loves animals. WWE Superstars typically need prior approval from management before getting tattoos, and it was pretty apparent from Owens’ return last night that WWE officials have no issue with Owens changing up his look.

Because animals.
— Now. (@FightOwensFight) February 27, 2019

As for the Stunner that he used on SmackDown last night, Owens was quick to send a tweet to Stone Cold Steve Austin after using his signature move. According to Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio, Owens asked WWE officials if he could use the maneuver before using it on yesterday’s show. He was given the green light, and he will now be using the Stunner in addition to the Pop-Up Powerbomb as his finisher. Meanwhile, Steve Austin responded to Owens’ tweet from last night earlier today. The WWE Hall of Famer approved of Owens’ execution of the Stunner. Given that both WWE and Austin himself are alright with Owens using the move, expect to see him execute the Stunner much more often going forward.

Highly effective. When executed properly the results are complete devastation. RT @briantheguppie: 1998 ??
2019??@FightOwensFight @steveaustinBSR
— Steve Austin (@steveaustinBSR) February 27, 2019

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