Kenny Omega On Why He Might Work Better In A WWE Environment

There is no one in the world right now with a better track record of giving outstanding performances than Kenny Omega. The current IWGP Heavyweight Champion is now proudly carrying the prestigious title after chasing Kazuchika Okada for several years but the real question is what’s next for The Cleaner.
It seems that The WWE has missed out on Kenny Omega because they were never able to really recognize his outstanding talent in the ring. But things still seemed to work out amazingly for Omega since finding a home in New Japan Pro Wrestling. Fans around the world have been wondering when and if Kenny Omega will be signing with the WWE and they have even created fantasy matches like Omega vs Styles. The fans were recently treated to a fantasy battle between Kenny Omega & The Young Bucks vs The New Day in Street Fighter but some fans wonder how it would be if it took place inside the squared circle instead, especially a WWE ring.
Omega is currently preparing for his title defense against Cody at the upcoming G1 Special in San Francisco’s legendary Cow Palace on July 7th. Kenny Omega recently took part in a media call and was asked how he might prepare for an environment where he is limited in terms of match length.

Below is Kenny Omega’s response:
“It’s funny there’s this idea where Kenny is only good because he can do what he wants and he gets time. Well, everyone else through those doors had had time and opportunity. Why didn’t they do anything special?”
Kenny Omega also opened up on his take of possibly transitioning to a more restrictive environment. The Cleaner says that he works better under restrictions but he’s not about to compromise his character or the incredible brand he has established to make the move to WWE. However, a more restrictive environment might translate into a more creative Kenny Omega.
Below is what Kenny Omega said on working with restrictions:

“I actually work better within restrictions.” “When you leave everything wide open things tend to get a little convoluted. So when you give me those restrictions and I start to use my brain creatively to work around those that’s when things get interesting.”
“I mean no, you’re not going to get a seven-star match or six or five in a seven-minute segment but I always do the best I can to make that segment memorable and entertaining and I think that’s always the name of the game.”
Kenny Omega then addressed the idea of how he would adapt to a role as a WWE Superstar where he is never afforded an unlimited length of time to put on a seven-star marquee matchup. Omega said that he would be fine in a place like WWE but he must be able to give the best he has to offer at all times.

Below is what Kenny Omega said on possibly working for WWE:
“The thing is too it’s like, ‘hey if you ever go to WWE what are you gonna do if you only get five minutes?’ I mean sure you’d have nights like that but would I take a contract with WWE if I were not gonna be able to show the best of Kenny Omega? That would be a disservice to fans to professional wrestling, it would be a disservice to my own career all the hard work I put in.”
“I would for sure make sure that I was able to show the best of what I do and that requires a little bit of time. So yeah, things like that don’t really worry me I think I would be fine.”

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