Kenny Omega On His Attempt to Make The Elite vs The New Day Happen In 2017

NJPW star Kenny Omega recently spoke with ESPN, and below is what Omega had to say on wanting The Elite vs The New Day to happen last year. The two teams traded shots via social media back in the middle part of last year, with both sides pushing for a match, but the talents working for different companies made a match ultimately impossible.

“Last year I had attempted to do the crossover, and that was just me stepping out of my boundaries, I really tried to make The Elite, myself and The Young Bucks, versus the New Day because I thought it was best for business,” said Omega. “I thought I could make everyone a lot of money. I thought it would just be great for fans because there are things that are lacking on both sides of the fence, and I thought that would really bridge the gap and give the fans something really cool and something to be excited about, and then at the end of the day it would also be real fun.

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“Essentially now, with Chris, who is able to call his own shots, he saw the same opportunity,” continued Omega. “We’re two guys that have very different ways of going about how they tell stories, but at the end of the day we are both storytellers.”

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