Keane: Man United could sack Solskjaer this season

Roy Keane says that Ole Gunnar Solskjaer will be sacked by Manchester United if they do not finish in the top four this season.

United have started this campaign with defeat to Crystal Palace and a ‘novelty’ win over Brighton that exposed a lot of their shortcomings.

That win over the Seagulls was so unconvincing that they made the latter section of our Premier League winners and losers column.

Former captain Keane discussed the club and manager on Sky Sports and said the pressure is now on the Norwegian.


“The remit will be different for Ole this year. I think last year, it was about getting into the top four – I know they got to three semi-finals – but it will be higher this year.

“They will certainly have to get a bit closer to Liverpool and Manchester City. The points total cannot be the same as it has been over the past three or four years.

“Ole will probably have to get his hands on a trophy. I think the honeymoon period is certainly over for Ole, and the pressure starts to mount now, particularly with the performances like that over the last week or so.”

Asked if failure to finish in the top four could see the end of Solskjaer, Keane said: “Yeah, I think so. If you’re the manager of Man United, and they can invest in the next week and buy one or two… if they don’t invest in the next week, then it’s tough days ahead.

“It’s not been great so far. Obviously, they’d have been pleased with the result against Brighton. But there are worrying signs already in the first week.

“It’s early days but they’ve given up a lot of goals and a lot of chances against Crystal Palace and Brighton so the signs aren’t great. It would be different if it was against Manchester City or Liverpool, with their brilliant attacking players but you’d expect them to have done better against Palace.

“The chances Brighton created… everyone’s focused on defensively how poor they’ve been, but as a whole team, it’s not been great with the amount of chances they’re giving up.”

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